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We are a Catholic Worker community rooted in Jesus’ vision of God’s Reign among us, committed to a shared life of prayer and action in joyful service to people on the margins.

  • We believe in a “Revolution of the Heart” that begins with the transformation of our own hearts and leads to a renewed world of peace and justice where all beings and the Earth itself are held sacred
  • We commit to a disciplined practice of contemplation, prayer, and reflection
  • We act boldly and creatively in practicing the Works of Mercy and the daily discipline of loving others
  • We nonviolently resist systems of exploitation, war and preparations for war, and ecological destruction, while seeking creative alternatives
  • We are rooted in our local community and dedicated to creating and sustaining person-to-person relationships
  • We welcome and value the gifts of all
  • We strive for a joyful life together

Our core community currently consists of: Lisa, Julian, Andrew, and Fumi.  We are joined in our efforts by many friends, donors, and supporters.

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