In the Catholic Worker tradition, we beg for all of our needs.
Whatever you can share with us is gratefully received.


Here are some volunteer needs

  • laundry angels: we are looking for people who can pick up dirty towels from our shower service and launder and fold them at home. On average we have about 5 loads of towels that need to be washed, and brought back within a week.
  • Drivers who can pick up donations from around town for us
  • Monthly donations of household items like toilet paper, dish soap, women’s razors, sanitary napkins, deodorant, etc. The list will vary somewhat each month based on the needs of the guests.
  • Weekend help with childcare
  • People who can take our guests out for a weekend outing to the beach, the movies, a sports game, the theatre, etc.
  • Help with house upkeep and cleaning
  • People who can drop off home cooked entrees for 12
  • Professionals (dentists, hair-stylists, mechanics, plumbers, etc.) who can donate their services
  • Cars: the biggest need of our guests after housing is often transportation. If you have a car you can donate, please give us a call!
  • Gardening help
  • People who can occasionally help out with guest needs as they arise: work clothes, school supplies, etc.
  • Financial donations are always appreciated. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation through our online donation system by using this link or send us a gift through the mail.
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